OGC API - Styles

OGC API standards define modular API building blocks to spatially enable Web APIs in a consistent way. OpenAPI is used to define the reusable API building blocks with responses in JSON and HTML.

The OGC API family of standards is organized by resource type. OGC API - Styles specifies building blocks for Web APIs that enable map servers and clients as well as visual style editors to manage and fetch styles.

Overview of OGC API - Styles - Part 1: Core

Retrieves the landing page. The purpose of the landing page is to provide clients with a starting point for using the API. Any resource exposed through an API can be accessed by following paths or links starting from the landing page.

GET {root}/conformance
Provides a list declaring the modules that are implemented by the API. These modules are referred to as Conformance Classes. The list of Conformance Classes is key to understanding and using an OGC Web API.

GET /styles
Fetch styles.

POST /styles
Can be used to create or validate styles.

GET /styles/{styleId}
Fetch a style.

PUT /styles/{styleId}
Can be used to update, create or validate a style.

DELETE /styles/{styleId}
Delete a style.

GET /styles/{styleId}/metadata
Fetch style metadata.

PUT /styles/{styleId}
Replace the metadata of a style.

PATCH /styles/{styleId}
Update parts of the metadata of a style.

GET /resources
Fetch resources.

GET /resources/{resourceId}
Fetch a resource.

PUT /resources/{resourceId}
Create or replace a resource

DELETE /resources/{resourceId}
Delete a resource.

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