OGC SensorThings API

The OGC SensorThings API provides an open, geospatial-enabled and unified way to interconnect the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, data, and applications over the Web. At a high level the OGC SensorThings API provides two main functionalities and each function is handled by a part. The two parts are the Sensing part and the Tasking part. The Sensing part provides a standard way to manage and retrieve observations and metadata from heterogeneous IoT sensor systems. The Tasking part is planned as a future work activity and will be defined in a separate document as the Part II of the SensorThings API.

Overview of OGC SensorThings API Part 1: Sensing

GET /Things
Access things.

GET /Locations
Access locations.

GET /HistoricalLocations
Access historical locations.

GET /Datastreams
Access data streams

GET /Sensors
Access sensors

GET /ObservedProperties
Access observed properties

GET /Observations
Access observations

GET /FeaturesOfInterest
Access features of interest

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