OGC API - Joins

OGC API standards define modular API building blocks to spatially enable Web APIs in a consistent way. OpenAPI is used to define the reusable API building blocks with responses in JSON and HTML.

The OGC API family of standards is organized by resource type. The draft OGC API – Joins standard specifies a Web API that allows data to be joined from inputted data files either with feature collections that are available on the server or directly with other inputted files. OGC API – Joins also defines functionalities for viewing general metadata on the service implementation, metadata and key values on the feature collections and functionalities for accessing and deleting the created joins.

Overview of OGC API - Joins

The OGC API - Joins draft standard is an extension of the OGC API - Common standard.

GET /collections
Returns metadata on the collections available on the server

GET /collections/{collectionId}
Returns metadata on a specific collection available on the server

GET /collections/{collectionId}/keys
Returns the key fields of a specific collection

GET /collections/{collectionId}/keys/{keyFieldId}
Returns the key values of a specific key field of a specific collection

GET /joins
Returns a list of the joins available on the server

POST /joins
Creates a new join by joining attribute data from a inputted attribute data file with a specific collection or directly with an inputted spatial data file

GET /joins/{joinId}
Returns metadata on a specific join

DELETE /joins/{joinId}
Deletes a specific join

POST /filejoin
Joins data between two input files

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