OGC API - Features

OGC API - Features is a multi-part standard that offers the capability to create, modify, and query spatial data on the Web and specifies requirements and recommendations for APIs that want to follow a standard way of sharing feature data. The specification is a multi-part document. The Core part of the specification describes the mandatory capabilities that every implementing service has to support and is restricted to read-access to spatial data. Additional capabilities that address specific needs will be specified in additional parts. Envisaged future capabilities include, for example, support for creating and modifying data, more complex data models, richer queries, and additional coordinate reference systems.


Developer-friendly OpenAPI definitions

  • OGC API - Features - Part 1: Core examples using ReDoc
  • OGC API - Features - Part 1: Core on SwaggerHub

    • This definition uses path parameters to describe all feature collections and all features.

    • This definition also uses path parameters to describe all feature collections and all features.

    • This definition uses a path parameter for the collections and explicitly provides information about the feature collection 'buildings' (paths /collections/buildings etc.), the schema of the building features and a filter parameter for building features (parameter function).

  • Features API extended with Styles API draft on SwaggerHub

  • Schema Repository


Development of the standards takes place on GitHub.

OGC Compliance Certification

Compliance tests for OGC API - Features - Part 1: Core are available on the OGC Validator.

You can Get Certified as OGC Compliant through the process described on the OGC Compliance website.

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