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OGC API - Common is a multi-part standard that documents the set of common practices and shared requirements that have emerged from the development of Resource Oriented Architectures and Web APIs within the OGC. Standards developers will use these building-blocks in the construction of other OGC Standards that relate to Web APIs. The result is a modular suite of coherent API standards which can be adapted by a system designer for the unique requirements of their system. As such, this OGC API Standard serves as the "OWS Common" standard for resource-oriented OGC APIs. Consistent with the architecture of the Web, this specification uses a resource architecture that conforms to principles of Representational State Transfer (REST). This OGC API Standard establishes a common pattern that is based on OpenAPI.


  • Visit the overview page to learn more about this API.
  • To facilitate the discovery and management of the building blocks specified in this and other OGC API Standards, a registry has been established at https://blocks.ogc.org.

Developer-friendly OpenAPI definitions

Standards Documents

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User guides can be found at:


Development of the standards takes place on GitHub.

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